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A Group of Friends Who Love to Talk About Horror Movies

From classic horror films to the latest releases, we share our opinions and discuss everything about the horror genre. Join us for our bi-weekly podcast where we dive deep into the world of horror and share our insights and recommendations.

This is a space for horror fans to connect and share their love for the genre. Join our community and let's talk about everything that goes bump in the night!

Insane Mike Saunders

Insane Mike

Host with the Most,

Casey's Pizza Fan

Jason Bolinger

Jason Bolinger

Editor & Producer,


Casey's Pizza Fan


Tadd Good

Bullshit Artist,

Film Fest Director

Casey's Pizza Hater


Bryan Clark

Film Historian,


Casey's Pizza Fan

The Attackers

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Tim Lehnerer, Roman Doppelfeld, Larry Watanabe, Bret Royer, Seth Key, Jessica Irish, Chris Cook, Brian Godsil, Stefan Sitter, Brandie Moore, Andrew Moller, Rod Hutchinson, Carmen DeHague, Abraham Arellano, Andrew Bentler, Casey Kelderman, Tony Miller, Mike Clayton, Rose Talashoma, Abe Kershner, Bill Fisher, Lisa Cavalear, Holly Berg, Emily Randolph, and Greg Dedrick!

"The banter between you guys is amazing, and even though there are spoilers, it never makes me not want to watch the movie. Quite the contrary, actually. You guys are awesome, keep doin' what you do!"


Listen if you know what’s good for you…
I like these guys. And I don’t like very many things.


"Let me say that I don’t watch horror movies, but I love this podcast. The way they share their passion for horror movies is amazing to listen to.​"


These guys are honestly a huge part of what got me into horror podcasts and podcasting in general! Always fantastic chemistry and great for laughs. Also genuinely the nicest people you could ever interact with!


"Such a great group and highly entertaining. If you are a movie fan, this podcast is for you!"


These guys are great! They have fun segments and some intense deep dives into the world of horror. They have awakened and strengthened my love for the genre, and even opened me up to new horror movies that I never even new existed. Keep up the great work!


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